Weather in Barcelona November

Weather in Barcelona in November

Barcelona weather is usually pleasant in November and perfect for a visit. The temperature is mild and usually sunny and dry. Rain showers are possible in November. The average air temperature in November in Barcelona is around 16°C/60°F at the start of the month and gradually drops down to 10°C/50°F at the end of the November.

The mornings and evenings are a few degrees chillier of course, but in the mid-day sun it will feel warmer. Average rainfall is around 50mm for the month. Average humidity is 75% in morning and 65 in evening. Sea temperature is definately too cold to swim and the beach season is over. The beach season in Barcelona is from May to September usually.

But watersports like windsurfing and kitesurfing can still be enjoyed wearing neoprene wetsuits. The average sea water temperature in Barcelona in November is 16C / 60F to 18C to 64F degrees

What to wear in Barcelona in November?

Generally in November in Barcelona wear long trousers, fleece and light jackets. You could bring shorts which could be worn on a nice summer day at mid-day, but definately wear mostly warmer clothes for morning and evening especially if it is windy. Bring sneakers and walking shoes rather than flip-flops. In November in Barcelona the beaches are nice for walks and bike rides, rollerblading etc, but beach services are closed and swimming is not advised.

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