Weather in Barcelona in July

Weather in Barcelona in July

Summary of Barcelona weather in July: it is consistently hot and quite humid, but generally it feels fairly tolerable alhthough the mid-day hours feel pretty toasty and during this period it's best to be out of the direct sun.

Air temperatures in the shade during the day are around 28°C / 82°F to 33°C / 91°F and drop a few degrees at night. Most nights are tropical so over 20°C / 68°F so be sure to book hotels with air-conditioning.

Expect averages of 75% in morning and 65% in evening.

Tip. For city sightseeing please note that buildings and sidewalks soak up the heat of day - in some locations it can feel like you are the pizza and Barcelona is the oven, so dress light and stay hydrated. use public fountains and drink tap water when possible to cut down single use plastic. Good tourist tips.

Heatwave in July
Heatwaves can occur in July with spikes in temperature up to 35°C / 95°F. See our heatwave tips.

Air temperature July Barcelona

The average day air temperatures in July in Barcelona (in the shade) are around 28°C / 82°F to 33°C / 91°F. 

It is coolder at the start of the month and gradually moves up the scale at the end of the month.

Sunny days July Barcelona

Generally July days in Barcelona are dry and sunny, but you can get 2 or 3 hazy days and cloudy days and occasional thunder storms. 

Rainfall July Barcelona

Rain is rare, but you can get one or two of rain or showers or storms. Average Barcelona July rainfall is 25 mm - 1"

Average humidity July Barcelona

Expect averages of 70% in morning and 59% in evening. 

Sea water temperature July Barcelona

The average sea water temperature in Barcelona in July is 23°C to 25°C - 73°C to 77°C degrees so nice for swimming. Beaches are open with full services. Remember sun screen

What to wear in Barcelona in July?

Generally in July in Barcelona wear summer wear, shorts and maybe have a light jackets or cardigan for the evenings if it is windy.

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