Maps popular neighbourhoods Barcelona

Maps popular neighbourhoods Barcelona

Barcelona's city districts, neighbourhoods and areas

The map below shows the names of the most popular areas in Barcelona in the 4 districts that are most popular to stay in.

Where to stay in Barcelona - which area is best?

Barcelona is Spain's second largest city after Madrid. Barcelona has 1,5 million inhabitants. Barcelona is organised as follows:

Barcelona has 10 city districtsEach district is divided into many  neighbourholds. 

Many tourists generally prefer to stay in 3 of the 10 Barcelona city districts. 

The 3 districts that tourists prefer most are the districts called EixampleCiutat Vella and Sant Marti. 

these 3 favourite city districts most touriists prefer to stay in 4 popular areas/neighbourhoods which we will describe below on this page.  

Where to stay in Barcelona
Barcelona Top 10

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