Is Barcelona a noisy city?

Is Barcelona a noisy city?

Is Barcelona noisy and where are the quiet areas to stay when visiting Barcelona? Barcelona is quite a noisy city. The old medieval parts of Barcelona called Ciuat Vella have narrow streets and the noise tends to echo around and bounce of the building walls. Also the city center is very densely populated and there are often sounds of people partying and music from bars, shops, delivery trucks, traffic congestion and of course festivals and parades.. so yes.. Barcelona is a pretty noisy place to visit.

If you want to be sure of a good nights sleep then check that you Barcelona hotel has soundproofed windows. If you are renting an apartment then often they remember that old apartments look great on the photos but often will not have soundproofed windows and walls are thin in Spain so you might be up half the night listening to the neighbours watching TV.

To be sure of a quiet hotels check the reviews from previous guests, ask the hotel for a quiet room and try to avoid staying in party areas.

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