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About Barcelonayellow.com.

Barcelonayellow.com is considered by many to be one of the best Barcelona travel websites. We were founded in 2006 which gives us over 12 years of experience online as an independent and local travel guide to Barcelona, Spain.

We try to offer up-to-date information on Barcelona events,  top 10 attractions,  where to stay,  popular hotels,  tourist apartments,  beaches,  tours,  restaurants,  nightlife and much more.

We are considered to be one of the best travel sites for planning a visit to Barcelona because of a high commitment to accuracy of information, ease of use and quality in general. BarcelonaYellow.com is a family business created in 2006. The aim was, and is, to be Barcelona's best travel website and guide - and to give visitors a one-stop website to plan your stay to Barcelona, get tips for where to stay and to choose a hotel.

Typically for a short stay in Barcelona you will want a hotel or apartment, some nice places to eat and have a drink and to see some top attractions and maybe take some tours of the city. Barcelonayellow.com can give you ideas and inspiration for all these things to make your stay in Barcelona a memorable one. 

Barcelonayellow.com is free to visit and use. It is edited daily by a small team of local residents. who share their local knowledge and experience to give visitors and the foreign community in Barcelona up-to-date information about visiting and living in Barcelona.

We include sights, tours, services, businesss, restaurants, events and attractions that are carefully edit to show that we consider to be of most interest to tourist in Barcelona based on our many years of experience in the city. We provide easy tools for hotel booking, tours of Barcelona and holiday apartments.

Our most popular pages and sections are:

Top 10 Barcelona tourist attractions
Barcelona Events Calendar
Planning 3 days in Barcelona
Where to stay in Barcelona
Hotel and apartment booking

Visitors come to www.barcelonayellow.com to plan their stay in Barcelona or plan their business trip to Barcelona. They are typically interested in practical information, best accommodation choices, events in Barcelona and ideas and inspiration for the best things to do in Barcelona. If you have a tourist business or hospitality business in Barcelona and want to market to tourist and business visitors to Barcelona, and English speaking local residents, please contact us for advertising information and partnerships possibilities.

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Enjoy your stay in Barcelona!

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