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Freeda Language Space – Spanish school Barcelona

Updated March 2024

Freeda Language Space is a very popular Spanish school in Barcelona, Spain that offers students more than 10 years of teaching experience. Freeda has two centers in Barcelona in the beautiful and vibrant neighbourhoods of El Born and Gracia - both wildy popular with Spanish students for their vibrant local community.

Freeda Language Space was founded in Barcelona in 2013 by two friends and fellow students who wanted to share their burning passion for languages, teaching and Barcelona with students from all over the world. And it worked! According to the many students that have attended Freeda Spanish School, the high level of teaching and quality of management is what sets Freeda head and shoulders above most, if not all, the other language schools in Barcelona. Learning Spanish at Freeda is the simply the best! The schools are well organised and productive, but also a lot of fun and offer many cultural activities that allow Spanish students immerse themselves fully in an exceptional learning experience.


Two wonderful locations

Freeda El Born. In Freeds's El Born Spanish school location, you'll find yourself head to toe in Spanish learning in one of Barcelona's most vibrant and lively neighborhood. You'll be surrounded by people, history, culture, atmosphere, museums, bars - and what's more, the Freeda El Born school is just 200 metres from Barcelona's nicest park, the Parc de la Ciutadella, which is a student favourite for practising or studying Spanish on a warm day!

Freeda Gracia. The Freeda Spanish School in Gracia, is also a perfect setting for students eager to learn Spanish. Gracia is well-known for being a "village within a city". Although this district is entirely in Barcelona city and close to the centre, it has a very cozy and homely village feel to it. That's because it actually used to be a separate village outside Barcelona. But in the 19th century Barcelona's city centre expanded all the way to the Gracia village and eventually "gobbled it up" and surrounded it, so to speak. But at the heart of Gracia, the local inhabitants and businesses work hard to preserve their community and village vibe which still beats strongly throughout the Gracia neighbourhood today. It's a superb place, full of cultural richness with a lively local community, making it an excellent place to immerse oneself in Spanish language and tradition.


School facilites and atmosphere

As the many positive online reviews and comments from former students can attest to, the daily atmosphere at both Freeda school locations is fabulous! The facilities are top-notch and students, teachers and administrative staff have a really close and good relationship with each other. Many students mention how much they loved their time at Freeda - and how much they learned! Some even said, they never knew studying a language could be so much fun and even called it their "second home" in Barcelona! What a compliment! Praise like that is a testament to the professional, caring and enthusiatic teachers at Freeda. A big advantage that Freeda school has over other schools, is that at Freeda you can study every day of the week from Monday to Friday, whether you choose a super-intensive Spanish course (4 hours/day), an intensive course (3 hours/day), a semi-intensive (2 hours/day) or an extensive Spanish course (1 hour/day), individual learning or 2-3 times per week evening courses. Classes are supplemented with cultural and language activities, like language exchange meet-ups, parties, games and day trips and more.


Immersion method

Freeda Spanish school strives to offer the best native speaking teachers and high quality tools. They only teach using immersive methods, which basically means, that the classes are taught in Spanish and that no other language is used in class. That might sound like a challenge for total Spanish beginners, but it's really is the best way to learn - and you'll amaze yourself by speaking Spanish sooner than you thought. Research shows time and time again that immersing yourself in a language is the most natural way to learn because that's the same way one learns to speak one's own language! Immersion learning is also the most fun way to learn Spanish, especially when you are in Barcelona because you can practise outside the school every day. Immersive classes also improve fluency, boost confidence, reduce dependency on translation tools, and enhance memory retention. 


Freeda Spanish courses

Students are able to study at Freeda all weekdays from Monday to Friday, no matter which Spanish course they choose. Only the number of classes per day changes. If you don't have time for the very intensive courses, perhaps due to other committments or because you want to go slower, then Freeda also offer 3 days a week or 2 days a week courses for those with limited availability or those who prefer to go slower with the material. Here are the many choices:

Super Intensive – 4 hours daily
Combined course – 3 hours daily
Intensive – 2 hours daily
Standard – 1 hour daily
Extensive – 1,5 hour 2 o 3 times per week
Preparation for DELE exam
Individual learning

You can start a Spanish course at Freeda whenever you want. If you already have a certain level of Spanish, you can take the free level test on the Freeda website and you will be placed in a group of your level according to availability. For beginners, we start new groups every month. And of course we offer Private Classes which can also be a supplement to group classes.


Certified School

Students are in professional hands at Freeda because the school is certified both by the Instituto Cervantes and by FEDELE. The Cervantes accredition is an official stamp of quality for Spanish Schools. What that means, is that the prestigious Spanish "Instituto Cervantes" has approved the quality level of the teaching and services offered at Freeda Language Space. The Instituto Cervantes is a non-profit organization created by the Spanish government in 1991. Its mission is to promote the teaching of Spanish and to contribute to the advancement of the culture of the Spanish speaking countries. Being accredited by Cervantes is probably the highest stamp of quality for a Spanish language school to achieve. FEDELE is The Spanish Federation of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language FEDELE’s main objective is to promote and safeguard quality and professional status for companies in the Spanish language teaching sector in Spain.


Native & Qualified teachers

Freeda Language Space teachers are all native Spanish speakers with a university degree in Hispanic Studies (Filología Hispánica) or a similar linguistic degree - and all are specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.


Small class sizes

Freeda offers classes of up to 10 students. Small class sizes means it's possible to give a high level of individual attention which maximizes the effectiveness of lessons. A personal approach is also provided outside the classroom; students can also seek help from teachers, consultants and managers.



Freeda provides many extra services to help students get the best results. You can request a free trial Spanish class before signing up and students can get assistance with student visas. Freeda's Spanish courses prices are great value, very competitive and discounts and bonus program are available.


So why wait? Contact or visit Freeda today and start your Spanish learning experience in Barcelona. 

"Nos vemos en Freeda!"

Contact Freeda:

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