English teacher jobs Barcelona

English teaching jobs Barcelona

Barcelona is a very popular city both to train to be a TEFL teacher / TESOL teacher. TEFL means "teaching English as a foreign language" - TESOL means "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages"

There are many TEFL schools in Barcelona that offer excellent English teacher training and many jobs to be found at English schools in Barcelona. So Barcelona is a great place to start a career as an English teach with regards to training and gaining experience as a TEFL or TESOL English teacher.

English schools in Barcelona academies will generally only employ English teachers with an accredited CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL teaching qualification. The CELTA 'Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults' is an intensive 1 month course that costs around €1,500. In Barcelona, we can recommend OxfordTEFL to train to take your TEFL exam. 

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