Valentine's Day Barcelona

Valentine's day in Barcelona

Valentines day is celebrated on 14th February every year.  There are no special celebrations in Barcelona for Valentines day and some say Valentine's day is an articificial occasion
hyped-up by greeting card manufacturers, chocolatiers, candlestick makers and restaurateurs. Maybe so but what’s wrong with that? It still above love and affection and that works for most of us.

 So we think every day should be Valentine’s day!

Barcelona and Catalonia does have it own more traditional romantic day of celebration, which is celebrated every year on 23rd March and  called St Jordi’s Day, so in Barcelona we can be thankful for two lovely days of romance and flowers and in Barcelona the guys get books on Sant Jordis Day.  Just another reason why Barcelona is a nice place to live!

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If you want to surprise your better half with a romantic gift this Valentine's day, then why not check out this online gift site who have a range of cool experiences in Barcelona and Spain that make great Valentine’s day gifts.  They can all be ordered online. 


And of course you will need flowers. For online flowers a good choice is Flores Navarr0. They have a good online site and two huge  flower shops in the Eixample which are open 24 hours a day all year round.

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 You can also find flower stalls in Barcelona on the part of Las Ramblas  called "Rambla de les Flors."  You can also find fresh flowers in the food markets of Barcelona  or if you really want to find a special rose, then check out the specialist Rose shop in Barcelona called "Au Nom de la Rose!" 

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If you are single and don't want to spend next years Valentine's day or this years Sant Jord's day along, then why not book a place at an International "Lock & Key" party in Barcelona for singles organised by DateClub Spain. The next one is on the 23rd February.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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