Festa Major de Sants

Festa Major de Sants

Annual Festa Major de Sants neighboorhood festival in Sants area of Barcelona.

Dates 19th August to 27 August. The Sants Festival in Barcelona in Sants neighbourhood of Barcelona overlaps with another popular neighbourhood festival, the Festa Major de Gracia.  Although not quite as famous as Gracia festival,  the 'Festa Major de Sants' is worth a visit.  

Many of the Sants Festival activities are in 'Parc de l'Espanya Industrial' and usually around 14 streets in Sants district of Barcelona are decorated by the residents in colourful themes.

There are many chances to see Catalan traditions like the correfoc fireruns for children and for adults.

The Diada Castellera human tower day is usually at Parc de l'Espanya Industrial and you can experience the joy of giants and big heads called gegants and capgrossos at the opening parade and at the giants ball. 

Sporting highlights of the Sants Festa Major festival are the local bike race Cursa Ciclista 'Memorial Antoni Andrés Sancho and a 2k run (2 circuits of 1000 metres) called '2000 de Sants - Cursa atlètica de la Festa Major.'

Both the Sants bike race and the Sants run are usually on the last Sunday of the Sants festival. 

The Sants neighbourhood festival finishes with a fireworks and music display. Check the Festa Major Sants website and programme on the links below for activities and a map of decorated streets.

Other traditional festivals in Barcelona in August are the Festes de San Roc.

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