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Copa del Rey final 2018
Sevilla - FC Barcelona

Spanish Cup final 2018 - Date and kick-off time

Date: Saturday 21st April 2018
Kick-off time: 9.30pm - 21:30 local time 
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Stadium: Wanda Metropolitano de Madrid.
Teams in final: Sevilla FC v FC Barcelona
Where to watch in Spain: TV channel TVE La 1 

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Note: this game is in Madrid.

Spanish Cup Final 2018.  Sevilla - FC Barcelona. Copa del Rey teams are FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC. 116th edition of Copa del Rey Spanish Cup 2018 final date is on Saturday 21st April 2018 in Madrid in the estadio Wanda Metropolitano de Madrid - usually home to Atlético Madrid. The winners of the Copa del Rey will qualify for the next UEFA Europa League group stage and play the La Liga winners in the 2018 Supercopa de España.

Barcelona city does not show the game on giant screens in public places but you can be sure that the whole city will be watching in bars and restaurants and homes. 

FC Barcelona are the current defending champion and FC Barcelona are the Spanish team that has won the Copa del Rey most times with 29 Copa del Rey titles out of a record 40 final appearances. 

The winners of the Copa del Rey final qualify to play in the Spanish Supercopa final, which is the annual game between the Spanish league cup winners and King's cup winners at the beginning of the next season. If one of the teams do the double and win both liga and cup titles, then the winners of the Spanish Cup play the runners up of the league. 

The full name of Copa del Rey tournament is 'El Campeonato de España – Copa de Su Majestad el Rey de Fútbol'  but it is generally called the King's Cup "Copa del Rey" or "Copa de S.M. el Rey." The Copa del Rey is Spain's oldest soccer competition. The competition was founded in 1903, making it the oldest Spanish football competition. 

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