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Magna Celebratio Roman festival

Event date:
   Thursday 24th April to Sunday 27th April 2014
Event location: Badalona - 10 km north of Barcelona centre - 20 minutes by tram or train

Magna Celebratio roman festival in Badalona.  Every year at the the last weekend of April the Museum of Badalona organizes a three day Roman festival called Magna Celebratio, now in its 6th edition. The festival highlights archaeological sites of Baetulo (the Roman name for Badalona) which was founded in the third century BC, and showcases the Roman lifestyle with Roman menus at Badalona restaurants of the city and historical re-enactments . Visit the website for programme and details.

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Magna Celebratio festival Badalona
24.04.2014 - 27.04.2014
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