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Spanish General Election 2016    Tweet this All Barcelona events

Election date:
Sunday 26th June 2016
Election location: Barcelona and Spain

General Election Spain 2016. Elecciones a Cortes Generales en España. For the first time in history a general election will be held again after the last Spanish general election of 20th December 2015 failed to give any party a majority and the subsequent four months of negotiations failed to reach agreement.

The Spanish general election elects 350 members to the Spanish Parliament, Cortes Generales. Since democracy was established in 1978 Spain was governed alternately by two dominant political parties, left wing PSOE and right wing PP but the December 2015 election split both left and right wings with new parties Ciudadanos on the right and Podemos on the left. However, neither left nor right wings gained a clear majority which is why new elections have been called. 

The interim Spanish government is led by acting President of the Government of Spain Mariano Rajoy Brey of the conservative PP, Partido Popular -People's Party. The socialist PSOE candidate is Pedro Sánchez.  Spanish general elections are held every 4 years. The last general election in Spain was in December 2015 and before that in November 2011

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