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Spanish General Election 23J 2023

Elecciones a Cortes Generales en España

Election date:
Sunday 23rd July 2023

Election location:
Barcelona and Spain

General Election Spain 2019. Elecciones a Cortes Generales en España. The Spanish general election elects 350 members to the Spanish Parliament, Cortes Generales.

Since democracy was established in 1978 Spanish politics has been dominated by two political parties, left wing PSOE (The Spanish Socialist Workers' Party) and right wing PP (People's Party - Partido Popular).

The current Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez of PSOE announced a snap general election on July 23 Pedro Sánchez's after his party suffered took a bruising in local and regional elections across Spain on 28th May 2022 from the conservative People's Party and far-right parties.

Sánchez made a televised address after local election results stating, "The best thing is to let Spaniards decide the country's political future." 

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Spanish General Election 23J 2023
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