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Día de la Constitución

Día de la Constitución - Spain's Constitution Day
Public holiday Spain

Event date: Fri 6th December 2019
Event location: Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain

Día de la Constitución Spain. Public holiday for Constitution Day in Spain. Día de la Constitución is always on 6th December and is part of the Puente de la Inmaculada.

The 'Puente de la Inmaculada' is a long weekend and an early Christmas holiday which combines the public holiday on the 6th December with the public holiday on the 8th of December called La Immaculada - the Day of the Immaculate Conception. 

The Spanish Constitution day commorates the Constitution of Spain from 1978, when Spain became a democracy after many years of dictatorship under General Franco. 

Constitution day is generally not celebrated widely in Barcelona. Many choose to take the day off that comes in between a public holiday (dia festivo) and the weekend if the public/bank holiday is on a Tuesday or Thursday. 

In Spain this is called 'to make a bridge' or 'hacer puente' in Spanish. 

In Barcelona this a puente usually means a big exodus of around 450,000 cars from Barcelona on big puente weekends, so book in advance, if you want to leave Barcelona during a puente and be prepared for long traffic delays leaving and returning to Barcelona, which can affect day tour plans.

The Día de la Constitución public holiday is usually one of the special shopping days in Barcelona and big stores like Corte Ingles department store and big Barcelona shopping malls usually stay open for Christmas shopping.
This December puente is also often when the Barcelona ski season starts with many skiers heading for Pyrenees mountains and the Catalan and Spanish ski resorts are open the first days of the Barcelona ski season.

It sometimes snows in the Catalan Pyreness as early as mid November and all the ski resorts and stations near Barcelona hope to open for the puente in December.
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Dia de la Constitución - Constitution Day - Public holiday
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