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Valentine's Day Barcelona 2024  

Día de San Valentín 2024

Event date:
14th February 2024 (not a public holiday)

Event location:
Barcelona and Spain

Happy Valentine's Day Barcelona.


Saint Valentine's Day is called 'Día de San Valentín' in Spanish and is on February 14th every year. This is the one of the most romantic days of the year when lovers can fully express their love by sending Valentine's flowers, cards, candy and gifts.

The day is named after two Christian martyrs and saints named Valentine namely St Valentine of Rome and St Valentine of Terni, both from what is now the Italian peninsular. In pre-Christian times mid-February was the season for pagan fertility festivals in Europe and this was also thought to be the time when birds choose a mate.

February first became associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages when the English poet Chaucer wrote a poetic verse to celebrate the first anniversary of King Richard II's betrothal to Anne of Bohemia in 1380.

Approximately one billion valentines are sent each year worldwide, making the day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year behind Christmas.

Valentine's day is not really celebrated in Barcelona except by flower shops and restaurants.

Barcelona and Catalonia do not embrace Valentine's day perhaps as much as the rest of the world because Catalonia celebrates St Jordi's day La Diada de Sant Jordi in April every year, which is considered the most romantic day of the year in Catalonia, Spain.

Valentine's day Barcelona

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Happy Valentine's day

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