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Nit de Sant Joan Barcelona 2018

Saint John Festival Barcelona

Event date: Saturday 23rd June 2018 - all evening until dawn
Event location: Barcelona beach and other locations in Barcelona
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Nit de Sant Joan 2018
See our full Guide in English to Sant Joan Barcelona. St John's festival is Barcelona's most festive, loudest and maybe craziest fireworks night. The Feast of Sant John 2018 Barcelona is the Festival of Saint John. Saint John's Festival in Barcelona is called many names but mostly called the Nit de Sant Joan - Sant Joan night. Sometimes it is also called 'La revetlla de Sant Joan' in Catalan language - and in Spanish language it is called 'Verbenas de Sant Joan'. 

All the names refer to the same festival - or feast - of Saint John the Baptist to celebrate the Spanish midsummers eve during the evening and night of 23rd June every year.  This is the night of Saint John in Barcelona which is the the midsummer solstice celebration on 23rd June every year in Barcelona and Spain. The day after Nit de Sant Joan - on 24th June is 'el día de Sant Joan' - Sant John's day which is a public holiday in Barcelona and Spain.

Visit the city website (links below) for more details about Sant Joan events and bonfires in connection with the Sant Joan in Barcelona or read our feature article about Barcelona's Sant Joan Festival

About Sant Joan Barcelona

The Nit de Sant Joan is a very festive, fiery, noisy and fun night. There is no central fireworks display in Barcelona and no official programme for the Sant Joan celebrations in Barcelona. All Sant Joan events in Barcelona are organised locally by families, friends, and local districts and civic centres of Barcelona. Everyone in Barcelona celebrates the evening with dinners, parties, fireworks and there are many bonfires all over Barcelona and Catalunya. The biggest central gathering on the Nit de Sant Joan is on Barcelona beachfront, which attracts crowds of up to 100.000 people. Many tourists in Barcelona celebrate Sant Joan at Barcelona beach clubs and Barcelona beach restaurants.

The day after the Nit de Sant Joan is a public holiday, so the party goes on until sunrise and all the clubs and bars in the city organise Sant Joan parties. On the links below you can see where to find bonfires, where you can buy firecrackers (called petards) at pop-up stands and shops all over Barcelona  (parades de petards) and read about Sant Joan traditions. The Barcelona metro is open all night on Sunday 23rd June. The beaches will be closed at 06:00 in the morning of 24/6 for cleaning. 

The Barcelona metro will be open all night on 23rd June for the Sant Joan festival. The Barcelona Bicing city bike system (for residents only) will also be open all night, but some beach drop-off points will be closed. Renfe, the Spanish railways, will have extra connections on regional Rodalies trains to beaches outside Barcelona, where many also go to celebrate Sant Joan festival.

Bona revetlla a tots!
Happy Sant Joan!

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Nit de Sant Joan 2018 - Saint John festival Barcelona
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Nit de Sant Joan 2018 - Saint John festival Barcelona
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