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La Mercè 2019 - Correfoc Firerun

El Correfoc de la Mercè

Event date: Saturday 21 September 2019
Event time: 20:30 - 8.30 pm
Event location: Starts at Plaça d'Antoni Maura then down Via Laietana street to end at Plaça d'Antonio López
Hashtag: #Mercè18
The Correfoc fire-run is one of the most popular events of La Merce festival and attracts up to 70.000 spectators. About forty groups of 'colles de diables' - 'groups of devils' from in and around Barcelona, as well as dragons and other 'bestiari de foc' fire beasts, take part in this festival of fire.

The gates of hell open at 7.45 with "Tabalada infernal" drum display. At 8.25 there is a "Ceptrotada" dance for "Lucifer" from each group of diables and the correfoc firerun itself starts at 8.30

The legend of Correfoc is that the Mascle Cabró (in Catalan language) - Macho Cabrón (in Spanish language) - a male goat or ram in English - hears the arrival of the 'diables' the devils,  and commands his armies to cross the gate of hell called 'Porta de l´Infern' which separates the real world from hell.

The Merce correfoc starts with spectacular fireworks of the Gates of Hell, which then open and release the "diables" to start the "correfoc"  firerun. At the end of the correfoc the devils are sent back into hell.

About 80.000 fireworks are used during the correfoc so you are strongly advised to follow some basic correfoc safety precautions about practical clothes to wear to see a correfoc. Ear plugs are a very good idea or just put tissue paper in your ears, because it's very noisy, especially when the trabucaires Catalan 'bandits' fire their blunderbuss guns. There is also a children's correfoc the same day at 18:30 and you can find correfoc activities and workshops all day in front of the Santa Catarina market in the Born neighbourhood. 

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La Mercè - Correfoc Fire Run 2019
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