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DST Spain start 2018

Daylight Savings Time 
Clocks move forward 1 hour at 02.00 Sunday 25th March 2018

Event date: Sunday 25th March 2018
Event time: 02:00 - 2am
Event location: Barcelona and Spain

When does Spanish DST start in 2018? DST summer time starts in Spain on Sunday 25th March 2018. At 2 am in morning on Sunday 25th March put your clocks forward 1 hour from 2am to 3 am.

This means you have 1 hour less to sleep that night. The summer time change is when clocks are moved forward 1 hour at 02:00 to 03:00 when summer time - also called Daylight Savings Time begins in Spain. So don't forget to move your clocks and watches forward - or you will be 1 hour late for everthing on Sunday.

DST Spain ends when clocks move back 1 hour in October in Spain. 
About Spanish Daylight Savings time 
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