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Festa dels Tres Tombs 2018

Cavalcada dels Tres Tombs de Sant Antoni

Tres tombs date: Saturday 20th January 2018
Event location: Sant Antoni area, Eixample district in Barcelona
Event time: 11:30am
Tres tombs parade start: 11:00 at junction of streets  Floridablanca & Calàbria 
Tres tombs parade route:  

Usually starts junction streets Calàbria / Floridablanca, then Comte Borrell, Parlament, Ronda de Sant Pau, Comte d’Urgell, Floridablanca, Rda. Sant Antoni, Plaça Universitat, Pelai, Rambla (towards port), Colom, Rambla (upwards from port), Ferran and ends at Plaça Sant Jaume

Tres Tombs Sant Antoni Barcelona

Festa dels Tres Tombs Barcelona - 'Cavalcada dels Tres Tombs de Sant Antoni a Barcelona.' The 190th edition of Tres Tombs festival parade is in January 2018. The parade of Tres Tombs in Barcelona is festive and fun to watch and is a highlight of the annual Festa Mayor de Sant Antoni neighbourhood festival of the Sant Antoni area in Barcelona's Eixample district.

The word 'tombs' is Catalan, and does not mean the same in Catalan as in English, so don't expect a ghostly vampire parade with three coffins on a cart. 'Tres' means three, and the word 'tombs' means 'tours' or 'walks' in Catalan, so 'Tres Tombs' in Catalan translates as 'three tours' in English. The names is derived from the tradition of the 'Tres Tombs' parade going around the same route three times.

The Tres Tombs parade in Barcelona does not actually take the same route three times, but the parade route is long and worth seeing because the 'Cabalgata dels Tres Tombs' is a moving museum of 35 floats and carriages, many of which are vintage animal-drawn carts from bygone days including fire-engines, hearses, beer wagons and many more. You will also see a few cowboys, pony riders and even oxen. It's a festive procession!


Benedicció dels Tres Tombs i animals - Parade and Animal blessing

Pet Blessing Barcelona. When the parade of Tres Tombs passes the church called 'la Escola Pia de Sant Antoni,' the parade animals are blessed and anointed with holy water by a priest, who stands on a platform and blesses the Tres Tombs animals as they pass. When the parade has passed, it´s time for domestic pets to be blessed. Hundreds of people crowd around the priest to have their dogs, birds, hamsters, cats and other small pets blessed and anointed. If you want to see this or have your hamster blessed, then the blessing of small pets takes place in front of the church, 'Escola Pia de Sant Antoni' on street Ronda de San Pau, 72 at 11.30 on the day of the Tres Tombs parade as the parade passes. 

This wonderful animal blessing tradition derives from St. Anthony the Abbot (Sant Antoni Abat) who is the Patron Saint of animals, the poor, and the sick.  St. Anthony the Abbot was a hermit who lived in Alexandria, Egypt in the fourth century, but who renounced his worldly goods and retired to the desert of northern Egypt. In the 1100s, the Order of Knights Hospitallers, an organization that cared for the sick across Europe, adopted him as its patron saint and ever since St Anthony has been saint to send prayers to prevent and cure disease in both people and animals.

The Tres Tombs festival is also celebrated in villages and towns throughout Catalunya. The village of Valls is one of the best places for the Tres Tombs festival and each year in April in the village of Anglesola near Lleida there is also a wonderful Tres Tombs festival as part of the Anglesola Fira Medieval

Other Sant Antoni Festa Mayor highlights

The Sant Antoni Festa Mayor has a full programme of fun activities for all the family including theater, concerts, dances, exhibitions and more.  A popular event in the Sant Antoni Festa Mayor is the Cursa Sant Antoni 10k run. The Sant Antoni festival ends with a traditional fire-run called a correfoc infernal organised by the 'Devils of Sant Antoni' called 'La Colla de Diables de Sant Antoni. 

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