Ideas for things to do during stay-at-home orders, self-isolation during Coronavirus pandemic.

Ideas for things to do during stay-at-home confinement during Coronavirus

Ideas and inspiration for things to do at home with the family

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If you are in self-quarantine or self-isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak that is ravaging the world at the moment, then look on the bright side of it all and consider how this could be a wonderful opportunity to learn something new or in other ways improve your future life.

We all complain about the busy pace and stress of daily life, so for some this might be an unexpected chance to explore new possibilities for the future

Before we get to the ideas, please take a moment to think of all those in intensive care and who have passed. They remain forever alive in our love and memories
Before filling our day with things for ourselves, think too of how you can help others around you because "We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know." W. H. Auden

Now, here are a few ideas and suggestions for what to do during a coronavirus stay-at-home period:


If you are feeling a bit anxious or stressed over being in all day then meditation is a wonderful way to calm your mind. Take time out in the morning or afternoon to do 10 to 15 minutes of meditation. Try apps like Headspace or Calm or look on Youtube for free meditation videos, yoga classes, positive affirmations and other advice for coping with mental stress or anxiety during self-isolation

Catch up on reading

install a free ereader app and open up a world of free reading. Even if you’re an old school anti-ebook reader, you may want to reconsider during the coronavirus pandemic because many authors, digital retailers and ebook apps are giving free ebooks for Kobo ereader and apps, Amazon Kindle and other e-readers. Installing a free ereader app is easy and popular apps like Kindle and Kobo can be installed on all tablets, smartphones and laptops. You can find hundreds of free ebooks by searching on Instagram and Twitter using links below

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If you have the means then you could spend some time on the internet finding places to make donations to those most in need. Many people will soon be out of cash and might be out of work within weeks or days, so even small donations will make all the difference. There are already some lovely stories coming out about people giving away cash in supermarkets to others and other random acts of kindness


Try contacting local websites that organise lists of ways to help your local community. Check your elderly neighbours and see if they need help with shopping, but be sure to tell them to wipe all shopping items carefully with a bleach/water solution or another cleanser before storing them.

Tribute applause

We are in 4th week of complete stay-at-home confinement in Spain. Every night at 8pm, we all applaud all those on the frontlines working hard and putting themselves at risk to keep society going and to keep us all safe. It's very heartwarming tradition. They do it in Italy too and we strongly recommend you do the same wherever you are in the welcome. 8pm is a good time because the kids can join in. Do it from windows or balconies.


Download and listen to audiobooks. Probably many free audiobooks available but otherwise buying audiobooks is good way to donate to freelance writers and people who work in this business. 

Write your memoirs

Why not write your memoirs? Memoirs are a beautiful way to remember and record family memories. If the entire family is in self-isolation at home, then check out who have an innovative approach to writing memoirs that involves the whole family.

Write fiction

There are many online creative writing courses, so why not unleash your creative skills and learn to write short stories and novels.

Improve your health

To fight disease you need a strong immune system and to have that you need to be in overall good health. Take this time to find out more about how your body works. Learn how to balance your diet and lead a healthier lifestyle. There are lots of free healthy videos and tips on YouTube.


Stock up on paper for the children. It can also be used for origami. There many tutorials on Youtube

Fold paper napkins

Buy extra napkins which can be used as emergency toilet paper, but before you get that far you can have loads of fun folding napkins into all sorts of things. When this is all over your dinner table will never be the same

Make plans

This is a life changing experience. What will you do when it's all over. Many people often complain of being busy and never having time. Use this precious time now to plan what changes you could make to your life when all this is over. Think about what is really important in life and how you can make long lasting changes.

Study or learn new skills

There are unlimited possibilities to study online. You can learn a new language, begin a college degree, learn to cook, learn magic tricks, learn to paint or much more. The sky’s the limit when it comes to e-learning. 

Watch documentaries

Also you might consider watching documentaries on YouTube. There are many to choose from and they are a great supplement to education and often more exciting than fictional works.

Listen to podcasts

Choose from millions of interesting and fun podcasts which can be downloaded.

Meet new people and help the elderly

Many elderly people are in isolation, so you can help by find social media groups and charities that support the elderly.

Plan your next vacation

Why not. Now is not the best time to travel, but it's the best time to research your next vaction. The coronavirus situation won't lasts forever so why not take the time to organise your next vacation.

Do jigsaw puzzles

Order a jigsaw puzzle online and have it delivered. There's nothing that slows the pace of life and relaxes the mind like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Some people have even completed a jigsaw puzzle but with the picture side down!

Fix up the apartment or house

Unleash the inner handyman or woman and fix all the little things at home that you have been meaning to do for so long. There are are many useful "how-to" videos on YouTube to help you maintain your home. But avoid accidents. No balancing on ladders please.

Avoid accidents

The main point of self-isolation is to keep hospital beds and staff free for the elderly and most frail, so drive a little slower and take more care to avoid accidents in the home becuase now is not a good time to have an accident that require ICU attention.

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