Is it safe to travel to Barcelona right now?

Is it safe to travel to Barcelona right now?

Yes. It is generally safe at the moment.

Updated June 2022

Yes. It is generally safe right now to visit Barcelona. Safe to walk around, see the sights and enjoy the city like any other European capital.

(See separate article about Barcelona pickpockets)

But, please note that Barcelona, like many capital cities in Europe, is always on a state of alert due to possible terrorist threats from organisations such as ISIS/Daesh and Al-Qaeda.

To check for current terror threats please use the links below and check on your own country government travel advice pages.

This article will be updated if we consider Barcelona to become generally unsafe and dangerous to visit for tourists.

At the moment Barcelona is considered safe for tourists to visit.

Barcelona has well known problems with pickpockets in certain areas and has a similar level of terrorist threat as most European capitals.

Aside from these problems it is generally it is considered safe to visit Barcelona.

Please visit the following Barcelona/Spain safety pages to get more information about safety in Barcelona

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