Pictures Montjuic Castle

Montjuic Castle Barcelona

Montjuic Castle Barcelona. Montjuic hill is the 230 m hill that overlooks Barcelona from the south-east of the city center.

The Castell de Montjuic is a former military fort located on the hill summit. Montjuic has had a castle since the 9th century.

The present day Montjuic fort was built mostly in the 18th century.

Montjuic was originally a fort the defense of Barcelona but later was fortified to keep the rebellious Catalan citizens under control during times of oppression and revolt.

Today Montjuic fort is only used for peaceful purposes such as exhibitions and events. Entrance tickets are €5.

The outdoor grounds of the fort are used for many summer activities including archery, concerts and outdoor cinema.

Photos Montjuic Castle Barcelona

The views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean sea are wonderful from Montjuic. They can be enjoyed both from the Montjuïc Fort - Castell de Montjuic, and other viewing points on the hill. 

To get to the military fort, Castell de Montjuïc, and enjoy panoramic views on the way up, take the Montjuic funicular train from metro station Paralel, then cross the road and get the Teleferic de Montuic cable car that takes you up to the highest point on Montjuic Mountain and to Castell de Montjuic fort.

Montjuic hill Barcelona 


Satellite photo of the former military fort on Montjuic.  More Satellite Barcelona photos

Photos Montjuic Castle Barcelona

Montjuic has 2 cable cars. The Teleferic de Montjuic cable car goes from Avenida Miramar to Montjuic castle.

The other cable car goes from Barceloneta beach to Montjuic hill and is called Transbordador Aeri del Port 

Teleferic de Montjuic

There are great views of Barcelona from the roof of Montjuic Castle


Views Barcelona

Views skyline Barcelona

Castell de Montjuic night

Sala Montjuic organises outdoor screenings of classic movies at the Sala Montjuic summer open air cinema in the Montjuic Castle moat


Barcelona is part of the history of the metric system and specifically the history of the metre.

On 16th March 1794 French astronomers Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre and Pierre François André Méchain measured the meridian arc distance from Dunkirk in France to Barcelona in Spain using this tower on Montjuic castle as the reference point in Barcelona.

From this measurement they defined the distance of 1m for the first time.

Montjuic fort tower

Photos Montjuic Castle Barcelona

Pictures military fort Barcelona Montjuic

There is a cafe and souvenir shop in the castle courtyard

Montjuic castle courtyard

The 20th century Montjuic canons are still on display

Pictures military fort Barcelona Montjuic

Guns Montjuic Castle
Cruise ships in Barcelona.  Map location Barcelona cruise ship terminals

Pictures military fort Barcelona Montjuic

The Castell de Montjuic moat is used for events like outdoor cinema and festivals

Pictures military fort Barcelona Montjuic

Sala Montjuic open air movies at Montjuic Castle in the summer


Circus festival at Montjuic during annual Merce Festival

Circus festival Montjuic Castle

Pictures military fort Barcelona Montjuic

To the south from Montjuic castle you can see the Barcelona's busy container port

Pictures military fort Barcelona Montjuic

Barcelona beaches stretch from Barceloneta to Diagonal Mar.  

Views north from Montjuic Castle

The spires of La Sagrada Familia church dominate the Barcelona skyline. Pictures La Sagrada Familia church

Sagrada Familia

Cruise ship terminals A, B, C and D are at Moll Adossat berths in Barcelona. Read about Barcelona cruise ship terminals and book  hotels near cruise ships

Montjuic Castle - view cruise ships

Cruise ships at at terminals M, N and S in Barcelona's Port Vell harbour by the WTC Barcelona World Trade Center and Grand Marina hotel 
Views of Port Vell Barcelona

There are nice walks and paths around Montjuic castle

Walks around Montjuic Castle

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