El Corte Inglés department store Barcelona

El Corte Inglés Barcelona department store


El Corte Inglés is the the largest chain of department stores in both Barcelona and Spain, boasting a presence in major cities across the country, including multiple locations in Barcelona.

The flagship Corte Inglés establishment in Barcelona is the expansive building situated on the central square of Plaza Catalunya. The name "El Corte Inglés" means "the English cut" as in tailoring - not "the English court" as one might erroneously think.

Opening times

El Corte Inglés stores are open Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 22.00.

The Corte Inglés department store on Plaza Catalunya has an excellent supermarket in the basement, which is open until 22.00 every night, which is later than most supermarkets.

The basement of Corte Inglés on Pl Catalunya also has an excellent delicatessen shop with imported foods from around the world. 

El Corte Inglés on Plaza Catalunya also has a nice restaurant and cafeteria on their top floor where you can enjoy spectacular views of Plaza Catalunya. For reservations at the restaurant in Corte Inglés in Plaza Catalunya call +34 933063800

Map Corte Ingles stores in Barcelona


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