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Since 1996 Icono Tours has offered visitors a range of popular walking tours of Barcelona and in recent years some of the most popular walking tours of Barcelona are themed on bestselling novels which are set in Barcelonal including The Shadow of the Wind. 

Icono is a local company based in Barcelona that has built a thriving business based on cultural and literary tours of Barcelona. Some of the most popular tours were created around top selling novels like Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s blockbuster novel, "The Shadow of Wind" and his follow up novel, The Angel's Game. Another bestselling novel based in Barcelona is "The Cathedral of the Sea" by Catalan writer Ildefonso Falcones.

Today the walking tours of Icono truly capture the soul of Barcelona combining Blanca's favourite corners of Barcelona with those of bestselling authors that chose Barcelona as a backdrop to their novels.

The literary tours are so well researched that many guests on Icono walking tours say that it is like stepping into the pages of the book! For Icono the success of a tour is making sure that both the historic facts and fiction are equally well researched so that every detail of a literary walking tour is fun and interesting.Over the years many happy clients from all over the world have joined an Icono tour including school groups, companies, families, public institutions and of course many tourists. You can find testimonials on the Icono website 

Icono literary walking tours:

The Shadow of the Wind Tour
La Sombra Del Viento
All books can be read but not all books allow the reader to step into the pages themselves. Icono gives visitors to Barcelona a unique opportunity to walk the streets of Barcelona described in Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s bestselling novel, La Sombra Del Viento - The Shadow of the Wind, the spellbinding tale that has sold 12 million copies and captivated the imagination of readers around the world. The Icono Shadow of the Wind tour takes you on a journey from imagination to reality as you walk in the footsteps of Daniel Sempere and the other characters in this novel and experience the charm and mystery of early 20th century Barcelona.  

"The Cathedral of the Sea” Tour
La Catedral del Mar
In the 14th Century the city of Barcelona was a prosperous city; it had grown towards the shore where a humble district of fishermen put their own money and labour into building the greatest cathedral that the city of Barcelona had ever seen: Santa Maria del Mar The history of the construction of this magnificent cathedral runs parallel to the history of the heroes of this best-selling novel, Bernat and his son Arnau. They are both slaves who flee from the abuses of their feudal lord to seek refuge in Barcelona, where they can become free citizens for the first time in their lives. The young Arnau works as a dock worker, soldier and moneychanger. As the cathedral dedicated to the sea climbs to the sky stone by stone, his life changes dramatically as he makes the climb towards nobility and wealth overcoming many obstacles along the way.

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