Pickpockets Barcelona - 10 quick tips

Pickpockets Barcelona - 10 quick tips

Barcelona is very safe, but there are many pickpockets and bag thieves in busy tourist areas. The places to take care are the busy Las Ramblas walking street, the old city in general, the Barceloneta beach in the summer, the metro station in the centre and the Sants train station.
Barcelona is very safe to visit. Muggings are extremely rare, but if you don't take care things like packpacks, bags, Ipads, smart phones etc can be stolen by expert pickpocket gangs often without you even noticing. So take a few simple steps to avoid being an obvious target of pickpocket theft. Then you will be a target and will probably have any problems during your stay in Barcelona.

10 quick tips - Barcelona Pickpocket safety tips:

1. Don't carry your wallet in your back pocket
2. Don't put phones, cameras on the table at cafes
3. Wear your rucksack on your front at all times in tourist areas
4. Keep bags on your lap at cafes/coffee bars
5. Be wary of any strangers approaching you or touching you
6. Don't play any street games and be aware when watching street shows
7. Be extra aware on beaches and in the metro. Keep bags closed and close to you.
8. Be extra aware on the beaches in the summer
9. Be extra aware on Las Ramblas, the old city, La Sagrada Familia church, Sants station and in metro
10. Be extra aware around airport bus ransport

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