Cava classifications

Cava classifications

Cavas are classified by varying levels of sweetness, dryness which are determined by the sugar content. The more sugar added the sweeter the cava.

In wine terms the opposite of sweet is called dry. Sweet is "DOLÇ" in Catalan and "DULCE" in Spanish. Dry is "SEC" in Catalan and "SECO" in Spanish. The driest cava is BRUT NATURE and the sweetest is DOLÇ

Cava wine classifications

>BRUT NATURE: Up to 3 g/l, no sugar added
>BRUT Up to 12 g/l sugar
>EXTRA SEC Between 12 and 17 g/l sugar
>SEC Between 17 and 32 g/l sugar
>SEMISEC Between 32 and 50 g/l sugar
>DOLÇ: More than 50 g/l sugar

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