Renting Hobie Cats and small sailing boats Barcelona

Renting small sailing boats Barcelona

Where to rent small sailing boats and Hobie Cats in Barcelona? It is not possible to rent small sailing boats or Hobie Cats on Barcelona beach. The only smaller sailing boats for rent are Hobie Cats, which can be rented on some beaches outside Barcelona.

The closest places to rent Hobie Cats near Barcelona is at Gavamar and Castelldefels beaches, which are 45 south of Barcelona by train or bus and 25 minutes by car. In Gavamar beach the MagicWave Base Nautica rents Hobie Cats by the hour in the summer from June to end September. They have a Hobie 15, TopCat and the smaller Bravo. Hobie Cats can be sailed by 1 to 4 people.

If you are an experienced sailor you can rent by the hour if the weather conditions are safe. If you cannot sail then you can book a catamaran sailing trip with an instructor who can take up to three crew members at a time.

Even on a relatively quiet day there can be quite big waves on the coast of Barcelona province and if the wind picks up during the sailing trip, so you might have a thrilling and wet experience with plenty of sea spray and movement. The sea temperature near Barcelona is from 22 to 26 degrees in the summer, so you will not need a wetsuit.

Prices for 1 hour Hobie Cat rental are from €35 to €50 euros per boat.

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