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Barcelona Tipping Culture

What to tip in Barcelona? Guide to tipping in Barcelona and Spain. How much should you tip in Barcelona? When and where should you tip? What is the tipping etiquette and culture in Barcelona, Spain?

Spain does not have a big tipping culture. Waiters, guides and hotel staff get a basic salary and in general tips are included in prices. Barcelona residents are not big tippers, so tips and gratuities are not generally expected. However, if you are happy with the service, with the attention you were given - and with the quality of the service in general, then a small tip is often greatly appreciated. 

Tipping in restaurants

In Barcelona you can choose to tip or not at your own discretion. Tipping in restaurants in generally restricted to a few euros for a regular lunch or dinner. If you are in an upmarket expensive restaurant, then you are most welcome to leave a bigger tip of say 10 to 15%, but only if you are very satisfied with the service.

It is absolutely not necessary to leave a tip if you only have coffee or a snack.You might leave 10 cents or 15 cents, if you can't be bothered with keeping small coins, but a tip for a small meal is not expected or necessary


Tipping in Barcelona taxis

Same guidelines apply. It is not necessary to tip at all in a Barcelona taxi but if you feel that the driver was friendly and efficient and maybe helpful - and didn't take you the long way round, then you might consider leaving a tip of 1 or 2 euro. 

Tipping in Barcelona hotels 

It is not customary to tip porters or reception staff, but a tip of a couple of euros for someone carrying your bags is always welcome. In general tips are included in prices, but kindly bear in mind that salaries are low and that most people working in the hospitality business like hotels are often paid very little and work hard, so if you feel that they enjoy their job and are doing their best to make sure your stay is a pleasant one, then tips from 2 to 5 euros are always a good idea. Also it is a nice gesture to leave a few coins for cleaning staff with a note of thanks

Tipping tour guides

If you book Barcelona tours, it is optional to tip guides and drivers. It depends on group size and the service, but generally a tip of anything from 5 to 10 euros from each person in your group is fine, but only if you really enjoyed the tour and felt that the guides did their best to look after you.

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