Best Barcelona Escape rooms

Barcelona Escape rooms

Escape rooms are a popular physical adventure game in most major cities including Barcelona. An escape room is a adventure game in a 'locked' room.

The concept is that you bring a team of friends – usually 2 to 6 persons – to a company that has permanent escape rooms set up - each with a different mystery and adventure puzzle and theme.

Your group is ‘locked’ in the escape room with a countdown usually of 1 hour. During that hour, as the clock counts down, your group has to complete the adventure objective by solving a number of clues, hints and using strategy in the room.

If you succeed before the 1 hour is up, then you are able to escape the 'fake' prison hence the name escape room. In reality of course it's just a game, so most escape room centers don't actually lock the door. 

Escape rooms are growing in popularity world-wide as a game in which reality interacts with virtual reality and one you can play with friends and family.

Escape rooms are inspired by 'escape-the-room'– style video games and the escape room was pioneered in 2007 by Japanese SCRAP entertainment.

In 2017 there are an estimated 3000 permanent escape rooms around the world and e scape room enthusiasts are even starting to travel just to experience new escape rooms.

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What is an Escape Room?

Watch this short video by a Florida Escape room company to see how the escape room concept works

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