Is Barcelona too touristy? Is Barcelona Overrated?

Is Barcelona too touristy? A local viewpoint

Is Barcelona overrated? No. We don't think so. How does one rate a city? All cities are different and have a distinct character and profile.

The function of a city is not to be a tourist attraction, but to be the central gathering point of a larger metropolitan and urban area.

Its function is to be a center for employment, entertainment, edification  and government of a region or country. It's a gathering place.

We don't think that the function of a city is primarily be a guardian of bygone culture or an open museum, theme park or holiday resort.

A city is primarily designed to be used by its residents. They are the ones who live, work, eat and sleep it it.

They should be allowed to shape it and change it every day. Of course they don't get to own it and decide everything just because they live there. No-one owns a city. It's for everyone to use including tourists.

If tourists want to come and watch how residents work and live in a city, then that's their choice. Residents must accept that. And tourists must accept that a city cannot slow down or speed up or change just to please people who come and look at it for a few days.

Tourists have to experience Barcelona the way it is at any given time. If they don't like visiting a "touristy" place which means that it has facilities for tourists, then they should choose not to come. That is their decision to make.

Barcelona is not too touristy.

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