Monte Táber - Mount Táber hill Barcelona

Monte Táber - Mount Táber

El Monte Táber is a hill in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. The hill is only 16.9 m above sea level, so it's more like a mound than a hill.

In the 1st century A.D: the Romans chose this hill as the location as the center of the Roman settlement called Barcino - the full name was Colonia Iulia Augusta Paterna Faventia Barcino.

Previously the Romans had established a settlement on the south side of Montjuic hill near the Llobregat river, but this settlement was deemed unsuitable because of constant flooding.

Even though you can't really tell you are on a hill top at Monte Taber, when you walk on on nearby streets like the Baixada de Santa Eulalia street - "Saint Eulalia's descent" - it's easy to notice the slight height difference of the center of Roman Barcino.

Also note that Barcelona Cathedral is higher than the plaza in front. The cathedral is also inside the old Barcino area.

The old "summit" of this hill is Monte Táber and is now on current Carrer de Paradís, which is a tiny ally off one corner of present day Placa de Sant Jaume.

At the top of Monte Táber the old Roman temple of Emperor Augustus was location and you can still see 4 columns of the ancient temple next to the offices of the Center Excursionista de Catalunya. The columns are free to visit.


Below an artists impression of what Barcino's Temple of Augustus looked like. The temple of the Roman colony of Barcino was at the highest point of the Roman forum, which in the public square where all the important public buildings of Roman Barcino were located.

In modern day Barcelona this location is still home to the government of the region of Catalunya and the town hall of the city of Barcelona. 


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