What is "coca de llardons" or "llardons"

What is "coca de llardons" or "llardons"

llardons is pork fat (llardons in Catalan language) Coca de llardons is a Catalan Spanish cake eaten normally at Sant Joan and at Carnival before Lent fasting. A "coca de llardons" is a flat cake made with eggs, sugar, llardons (pork fat) and pine nuts. 

Traditionally coca de llardons recipe includes lard, which is a type of rendered pork fat. However, nowadays, some recipes may use other types of fats instead of lard to make the pastry, so it is possible to find variations that do not contain pork.

If you have any dietary restrictions or concerns, it's always a good idea to check the ingredients or ask the person making the pastry.

Recipe coca de llardons ( Coca de Chicharrones)

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