From 2023 Montserrat's Escolania choir plans to include girls in a mixed choir for the first time ever

Girls and Boys Montserrat Mixed Voice Choir from 2023

From September 2023 the Monserrat's Escolania choir plans to include girls in a mixed voice choir for the first time in its almost 1,000 years of history. The new mixed voice choir will be a group of of 20 to 25 boys and girls who are aged 17 to 24. The new choir will perform once a month at the beginning, giving the members of the Escolania boys' choir a break.

Escolania de Montserrat boys choir

Candidates will be selected from auditions in May and June 2023, and the choir is expected to start in September 2023. Despite the creation of the new mixed voice choir, the tradition boys choir, the 'Escolania' will continue to only be all boys from the ages of 9 to 14.

The Escolania is considered the oldest music school in Europe and has been teaching students since the 13th century.

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