How much are Barcelona taxis? Price calculator Barcelona taxi prices 2019. Cost Barcelona taxi.

How much is Barcelona taxi?

Price calculator Barcelona taxi prices 2019

updated March 2019

Barcelona Taxi prices. How much is a taxi from Barcelona airport to Barcelona city center?

The taxi fare will cost around €30 from Barcelona city center Plaza Catalunya to Barcelona airport including 2 suitcases.

There is a fixed flat rate - called T4 - for official taxi to/from Barcelona airport to cruise ships on pier Moll Adossat in Port of Barcelona.

The flat rate fixed price is €39 which includes all surcharges/supplements. Check this rate on the sticker on the taxi window and with the Taxi driver. 

You can usually pay by credit card in most Barcelona taxis, but as a precaution you should always ask the driver if he accepts payment by credit card and ask the taxi driver what the current extra supplmentary charges are for luggage items and for airport or cruise destinations.

Official Barcelona taxi colours are black and yellow. The fleet is generally modern. Barcelona taxi use taximeters and there are surcharges/ supplements forcertain things like suitcases.

It is very safe to take Barcelona taxis at any time of day and it is safe to take taxis on the street anywhere in the city.

You will generally not be cheated on the fare in an official Barcelona taxi, although you might be unlucky and have a cab driver who takes a longer route than necessary. You can check that on your own GPS.

You can call Barcelona taxi companies by telephone or can order an official taxi using free smartphone apps like MyTaxi to or Hailocab to book a taxi online via smartphone.

Or you can flag a taxi on the street.

Official taxi price calculator

Barcelona taxi use taximeters and there are supplements for suitcases.

Barcelona taxi colours are black and yellow.

It is very safe to take Barcelona taxis at any time of day and it is safe to take taxis on the street anywhere in the city.


Barcelona Taxi price supplements

There is a entry/exit supplement of €3.10 (in 2018) for Barcelona airport and cruise dock Moll Adossat taxi journeys.
There is an entry supplement of €2.10 (in 2018) for Fira Gran Via trade fair area and Sants train station.

There are no extra charges for hand-luggage, guide dogs, wheelchairs and prams. Luggage bags and suitcases bigger than size 55 x 40 x 20 cm, which is hand-luggage size bags, have an extra supplment charge of €1 per bag.

Big taxis for more than 4 persons have a single supplment of €3.10 (in 2019)

There is a supplement of €3.10 (in 2019) for certain Christmas and New Year public holidays. 

For very short journeys from Barcelona airport there is a minimum fare including all additional supplments of €20.

This means if you don't reach €20 when all supplements have been added then the fare will be rounded up to €20.
But this only applies for very short journeys to hotels near airport.

You can see all the Barcelona taxi prices specified in the taxis on a sticker on the side window.
For complaints and items lost in Barcelona taxis, kindly visit the Barcelona Taxi Institute website or see our items lost taxi page

Calculate Barcelona taxi fare

Use the official online Barcelona Taxi calculator app to calculate taxi fares in Barcelona. it provides an estimation of the price of a Barcelona taxi journey under normal traffic conditions in the metropolitan area using current Barcelona taxi prices.

You can also double check the estimated price by using World Taxi Meters Barcelona price calculator for Barcelona taxi if you want.

Ride sharing taxi alternatives

There were two alternatives to taxis like ride sharing companies called Uber operates and Cabify but both have chosen to leave the city after conflict with taxi drivers and adverse rulings by local goverment.

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2019 Barcelona taxi price list

Taxi prices Barcelona

Kindly note that we try and keep this page up-to-date but changes can occur, so we advise you always to 

- ask your cab driver for an estimation of the price.
- ask if he or she accepts payment by credit card
- ask what the supplements are for your destination and for luggage 
- check that the meter is running.

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