Parking zones in Barcelona

Parking zones in Barcelona

The parking zones in Barcelona are divided into blue and green parking spaces and zones. 

Blue parking places
Any car can park at any time of day in a blue parking place for 1 to 4 hours if you buy a parking ticket and display it in the window. Check the times on the signs by the parking meters and the prices which vary depending on where you are in the city.

Green parking spaces - Verdes preferentes
Residents with a permit can park here free during the times and days specified on the parking meters. Other cars can park any time of day with a valid pay and display ticket which can be bought in the parking meters. The Green Area is completely free all day during all of August every year.

Green exclusive parking zones - Verdes exclusivas
If the parking places do not have dividing lines for each space it is a "verde exclusiva" zone, which means that only residents with permits can park here.

From September 2013 a new parking payment app called ApparkB is available in Barcelona for Iphone and Android smart phones that allows payments by phone at over 40,000 parking places in the Barcelona green and blue zones by smart phone instead of having to display a ticket from street parkometers. The service is activated from the phone and parking wardens simply check if cars not displaying a ticket have activated payment via their phones. The advantages are that you don't need change, no waiting at the parkometer and that you only pay for the number of minutes you use a parking space, so the new ApparkB, which is free to use, makes parking faster, easier and cheaper for customers

> Download ApparkB Barcelona parking app for Android
> Download ApparkB Barcelona parking app for Iphone

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