Free ebook "Kick the CO2 Habit"

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Barcelona Green Tip: Download free the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP) book from 2008 called "Kick the CO2 Habit: the U.N. Guide to Climate Neutrality" to find many simple tips on how to help battle climate change

Here are a few examples of simple green tips:

* Use a wind-up alarm clock rather than an electric one. This saves 48 grams CO2 a day
* Dry clothes on a washing line rather than in a tumble dryer: This saves 2.3 kg CO2 for each load.
* Pack lighter suitcases. World CO2 savings would be 2 million tonnes a year if every airline passenger cut the weight of baggage to below 20 kg and bought duty free goods on arrival.
* Use a non-electric toothbrush: 48 grams CO2 saved a day.
* Heat bread rolls in a toaster rather than in the oven for 15 minutes: 170 grams of CO2 saved each time.
* Take a train rather than a car for a daily commute of 8 km: Saves 1.7 kg CO2 a day.
* Reduce winter heating: Cutting the temperature by a couple of degrees saves 6 percent in energy bills.

Download UNEP e-book "Kick the CO" habit"

Friday, 07 October 2022