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Tibidabo Parc d'Atracciones - fairground
Tibidabo Amusement Park Barcelona. Tibidabo Parc d'Atracciones. Tibidabo is a 100 year old antique fairground at the top of Tibidabo hill which overlooks Barcelona from the west towards the sea. From March to July Tibidabo fairground is open every weekend and public holidays from 11am in the morning to 7pm. From July the park is open daily. Around 700,000 visitors walk through the gates each year. To enjoy all the rides, attractions and show, we recommend you choose the general Tibidabo ticket which is €28.50 for adults and €12.50 for children. Height restrictions apply.

If you want to see the spectacular views of Barcelona from Tibidabo hill, then you can enjoy the Tibidabo Panoramic ticket. The main attraction of this ticket is the Panoramic viewing platform which has great views of Barcelona. The panoramic area ticket is €12.70 and includes access to the attractions within the Panoramic Area which are Talaia, Carrousel, Giradabo, Avió airplane ride, Automaton Museum, Sky Building and three children's attractions (Les Llaunes spinning cans, Pony Rodeo and Rio Grande). With the Panoramic area ticket you can walk around the rest of the Amusement Park but this ticket does not include access to any of the other rides, attractions or shows.

However if you want free views then visit the church at the peak of Tibidabo hill called the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor. The church is free to visit. For €3.50 you can take an elevator (entrance at left side when looking at the church) to the highest levels where there are serveral viewing platforms and steps up to the highest but tiny viewing platform which is directly below the 7 meter high sculpture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that crowns the church. The sculpture is similar to but much smaller that the statue in Rio de Janeiro of Christ the Redeemer.

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Tibidabo fairground has always been famous in Barcelona, but recently became world famous, when it was a location in Woody Allen's 2008 movie Vicky Christina Barcelona. Tibidabo's rollercoaster ride is called "La Montaña Rusa" the Russian mountain. It is 718m long and 522m at its peak and reaches speeds of 80 km per hour.

Tibidabo amusement park season usually opens in March. A popular ticket is the Tibidabo classic ticket which includes transport to Tibidabo on the Blue Tram then the mountain funicular train and ticket to Tibidabo with 1 attraction of your choice at the Tibidabo Sky Walk included. Barcelona's famous vintage blue tram, Tramvia Blau, was temporarily closed back in 2018 due to safety issues. No date set for reopening has been set yet but a replacement bus service is available.

2024 news: There'll be a new freefall drop tower open from the end of  May 2024. A 52-meter tall ride called 'Merlí' will offer amazing 360º views of Barcelona along with plenty of thrills!! 


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How to get to Tibidabo Park Barcelona

By train and tram. Take the Ferrocarrils train line L7 from Plaza Catalunya, Provenza or Gracia to the station Av Tibidado. You can take the vintage tram Tramvia Blau up to the Tibidabo funicular train, which will take you up the last part of the journey to the church and amusement park. You should get your funicular fare refunded, when you buy their park entrance ticket. Ask at the ticket booths. (Note: Barcelona's blue tram, Tramvia Blau, is temporarily closed in 2018 due to safety issues. No date set for reopening yet. A replacement bus service is available.)

By bus. Take the T2A Tibibus shuttle bus service, which runs all day in a circular route from Plaza Catalunya  every day when the park is open. Tickets for the Tibibus T2A are free for Tibidabo park members and visitors, who when they visit the park can get the Tibibus fare refunded.

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