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Airport bus Barcelona - Aerobus Featured Popular

Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona,
Nearest Metro
Catalunya & Passeig de Gracia
City District
Eixample: Eixample D
34 900 92 96 92
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Airport bus Barcelona - Aerobus
Aerobus Barcelona airport bus. A1 and A2 Aerobus airport bus to Barcelona international airport.

The airport bus from city center to Barcelona airport is called Aerobus. Barcelona has two airport terminals called T1 and T2, so there are two Aerobus lines called A1 and A2.

Both airport buses are light blue and white and leave from and arrive at cemtral square Plaza Catalunya in the center of Barcelona.

Aerobus is a very reliable service that operates 365 days a year with a frequency of every 5 minutes during peak hours, and a journey time of 35 minutes to the airport.

Aerobus is great for visitors who travel light and want a cheap way to get from the airport to the city center. For the current single ticket price of € 5.90 EUR for a single trip it is a comfortable and economic way to get to Barcelona airport. Aerobuses have free WiFi and USB phone chargers. 

IMPORTANT Note : each Aerobus route goes to a different terminal at Barcelona airport, so before boarding the airport bus, you need to check if your flight departs from T1 or T2 terminal at Barcelona airport.

You can check your flight using the links below. You can buy online or buy your ticket from the staff at the bus stops (cash only payments), or the automatic sales machines at the bus stop (payment by credit card) or by paying the bus driver (cash only payments). The staff can give you change for bills up to 20 €.

Note that the Barcelona metro and bus travel cards like Barcelona Card, T-10, T-Mes, T-50/30, T-Trimestre T-Jove, T-Familiar, T-Dia are not valid on the airport bus service

The A1 Aerobus goes to newer T1 Barcelona airport terminal
The A2 Aerobus goes to older T2 Barcelona airport terminal, which has A, B and C areas.

Both A1 and A2 Barcelona airport buses depart from Plaça de Catalunya in front of the big department store Corte Ingles. There are some other stops on the way.

See the routes of both buses at the bottom of this page. The aerobus lines are sometimes affected by big events like the Barcelona marathon.

For the latest information contact them by email or check the Aerobus Twitter page

Website Aerobus
Route, Lines and stops Aerobus airport buses
Aerobus Twitter page

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What is travel time Barcelona airport to city centre?

The airport bus journey takes about 35 minutes for A1 and 35 minutes for A2.
It is a good idea to add 15-30 minutes during rush hour as traffic conditions can vary.

A good tip to remember is that most people board this bus at Plaza Catalunya and the bus can be quite full during peak season, so if you are boarding on a stop nearer the airport a good tip is to be a little early to allow for missing a bus that is full.

Ticket price airport bus Line A1 & A2 (2021)

Single ticket: €5.90  (you can buy ticket on the bus)
Return ticket: €10.20  (you can buy ticket on the bus)

Return tickets are valid for 15 days.

A1 Aerobus departure times from Pl Catalunya

Line A1 - Barcelona center Plaza Catalunya to T1 Terminal
Line A1 - T1 Terminal to Barcelona Plaza Catalunya

A2 Aerobus departure times from Pl Catalunya

Line A2 Barcelona center Plaza Catalunya to T2 Terminal
Line A3 T2 Terminal to Barcelona center Plaza Catalunya

How to buy tickets airport bus?
Buy tickets airport bus on the Aerobus website and print at home, or buy tickets on the airport bus using cash or VISA credit cards. At Barcelona airport you can also buy Aerobus tickets in the automatic ticket machines.

Disabled access
The Barcelona airport buses are adapted for disabled access and have reserved zone for the disabled.

A1 and A2 route map with stops
You can find the route maps of Barcelona airport buses on the Aerobus website Please note stops are different on outbound and inbound routes.

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