Spanish word list - sailing glossary

Spanish word list - sailing

Glossary of basic Spanish sailing words and phrases. List of the most common words and phrases in Spanish related to sailing and boats

Spanish to English:

La vela - the sail
La vela - sailing
La vela mayor - mainsail
Hacer vela - to go sailing
A toda vela - under full sail
El barco - boat
Botavera - boom
Mástil - mast
Orza - centreboard
Timón - rudder
Pala -rudderboard
Caña -tiller
Prolongadar (de caña) - tiller extension
Proa - front of boat (aft)
Popa - back of boat (stern)
Babor - left of boat (port)
Estribor - right of boat (starboard)
Escota - mainsheet
Lingas - footstraps
cabo de remolque - painter

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