Metro line L9 to Barcelona airport

Metro L9 to Barcelona airport

The line L9 metro connects to Barcelona airport terminal 1 and terminal 2, but it is not a direct or express connection from the Barcelona city center.

There is no direct metro line from Barcelona city center to Barcelona airport. To connect to the L9 from the city center you need to connect via other metro lines. When you are on the L9 metro line, one needs to pass multiple metro stops to finally arrive at the airport, so it can take a while. Tourists do not generally use the L9 very much to get to the airport, but it is a good alternative during Barcelona taxi strikes which are unfortunately occur quite frequently. Please note that you need an extra metro ticket for the L9 metro to the airport. For visitors going from Barcelona airport to Fira Gran Via trade fair area, then the L9 metro is a direct and convenient connection. Use the Barcelona metro map (link below) to see where to connect from L9 to other metro lines to Barcelona city center. 

Barcelona metro map
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