Viking Cruises Barcelona

Viking Cruises Barcelona

Viking is a cruise line providing river, ocean, and expedition cruises. Viking Cruises redefine luxury travel by combining cultural exploration, personalized service, and environmental responsibility. For a unique and comfortable journey, Viking Cruises offers an extraordinary way to explore the world's wonders. Several ships in the Viking Cruise fleet come to Barcelona where they dock at Moll Adossat at Terminal A, B, C, D or E. See map below.

Map Barcelona cruise ship dock Moll Adossat pier

Viking Cruises has become a top choice for luxury travel, offering a unique and personalized experience. Unlike huge cruise ships, Viking's smaller vessels create an intimate atmosphere, allowing travelers to connect and enjoy the journey.

What Sets Viking Apart:

Viking Cruises stands out by focusing on a more personal and cultural journey. Their smaller ships provide a serene environment, and each trip is carefully planned to showcase the best of each destination.

Cultural Immersion:

Viking Cruises is all about cultural enrichment. Expert-led excursions, exclusive performances, and interactions with locals make each trip an authentic and immersive experience.

Luxury Living:

Viking prioritizes luxurious accommodations. From Scandinavian-inspired design to private balconies, their rooms offer a tranquil escape after a day of exploration.

Great Food:

Foodies will love Viking's culinary offerings. With diverse dining options, locally sourced ingredients, and expertly crafted menus, every meal is a delightful experience.


Viking Cruises is committed to sustainability, using innovative technologies to reduce environmental impact. Their focus on eco-conscious travel aligns with the growing demand for responsible tourism.

Where do Viking Cruises dock in Barcelona?

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