Is Montserrat worth visiting?

Is Montserrat mountain near Barcelona worth a visit?

Updated May 2024

Yes! Montserrat is definetaly worth a visit. It's a unique and special place to visit near Barcelona because it combines natural beauty, history and spirituality. Montserrat mountain and abbey is only one hour from Barcelona and is visited by millions of travellers and pilgrims each year. There are many easy ways to get to Montserrat

Montserrat mountain and monastery Barcelona

Montserrat mountain is home to the Basilica de Montserrat and Montserrat Benedictine abbey. The abbey is called "Monasterio de Santa María de Montserrat" and in the Catalan language "Monestir de Santa Maria de Montserrat". Montserrat is one of Barcelona and Spain's most famous tourist attractions with breathtaking scenery, unique rock formations, panoramic views and 1000 years of legend, culture and history.

Montserrat is home to the "Santuari de La mar de Déu" which translate as the "Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montserrat." This is one of Spain’s most famous Benedictine monasteries, the Monestir de Montserrat and home to the famous Black virgin of Montserrat. The Montserrat monastery has a history spanning almost a thousand years since it was founded in 1025 by Abbot Oliba. Montserrat celebrates its millennium anniversary for 15 months from September 7th 2024 until December 8th, 2025. The Montserrat millenium celebrations comprise religious, cultural and social activities and a music festival with fifteen concerts.  

How long does a Montserrat visit take?

Plan for 5 to 6 hours. You can go yourself or book a tour. There are many larger group tours, but for the best value we recommend that you book a small private tour with experienced guides.

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