Why are FC Barcelona fans and supporters called culés

Why are FC Barcelona fans called culés

The word means backside or ass in the Catalan language.

why are FC Barcelona fans called cules?

The FC Barcelona fans and supporters are called “culés” because from 1909 until 1922 the club played in a stadium in the Eixample area - called Camp del carrer Industria - which on the street then called Industria. (The street is now called Carrer de Paris) 

The stadiums nickname was La Escopidora. It was located in the area between the streets of Industria (now Paris street), Urgell, Villarroel and Londres

If you passed on the outside wall of the stadium you could see the a row of backsides of FC Barcelona fans on the wall, hence the nickname for the fans of culés

This was FC Barcelona's first stadium. Football games became so popular that in 1916 a two-story grandstand was added to increase the capacity to 6,000 supporters. The grandstand was the first of its kind in Spain and this was the first stadium in Spain to have artificial lighting. 

La Escopidora stadium was replaced by Camp de Les Corts in 1922 when the Camp del carrer Industria stadium was demolished. In 1922 the club already had more than 6000 and so the team moved to the Camp de Les Corts stadium which was inaugurated on May 20, 1922

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