What is FC Barcelona's slogan or motto?

What is FC Barcelona's slogan?

The slogan of FC Barcelona football club is the famous Més que un club which is Catalan and means More than a club in English.

This motto or slogan of Football Club Barcelona signifies that FC Barcelona is not just a football and sports club, but aspires to be the the best ambassador for sport in Catalonia, Spain and also to be seen as a defender of human rights and democratic freedoms.

To achieve these goals FC Barcelona contributes 0.7% of its income to the FC Barcelona Foundation

Until 2011 the club was famous for not having a shirt sponsor and in 2006 instead choosing to pay to display the UNICEF logo on player shirts in a deal with UNICEF.

The club Barcelona ended their 111 year-tradition of not having a corporate shirt sponsor, when they signed a world-record €150 million deal with the Qatar Foundation to join UNICEF on the FC Barcelona shirt in 2011

Qatar Airways sponsored Barcelona's shirt from 2013 to 2017

The current FC Barcelona shirt deal from 2017 is with Japanese online retailer Rakuten who pay around €60m annually to be the club's primary shirt sponsor.

Origins of FC Barcelona slogan?

A former President of FC Barcelona, Narcis de Carreras i Guiteras, in his inaugural speech on 17th of January 1968, first used the phrase Més que un club to define the social significance that the football team FC Barcelona has in Catalonia.

From 1973, another President, this time Agustí Montal i Costa used the phrase 'El Barça es quelcom més que un club de futbol ' - Barça is something more than a club' as an electoral slogan for his reelection campaign as club president.

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