What is FC Barcelona's nickname?

What is the nickname of FC Barcelona?

Barça and Blaugrana are nickname of FC Barcelona. The nickname of FC Barcelona is 'Barça'. It is spellt with a character ç or c-cedilla. The ç (c-cedilla) is a Latin script letter used in many language with origin in Latin including French, Portugese, Occitan and Catalan and several other languages. 

The pronunciation is with a soft c - so it's pronounced 'Bar-sa' - not 'Bar-ka'. Many PC keyboards won't have the ç (c-cedilla) letter so don't worry if you write it Barca, but try and remember to say 'Barsa' when you are in Barcelona or Spain.

Other nicknames are the Blaugrana which is in reference to the team colours. In Catalan, 'blau' means blue and grana translates to 'deep red

FC Barcelona supporters are called 'culés' in plural and a single FC Barcelona fan would call himself a 'culéCul means the 'backside' in Catalan and the plural is culers and this transformed to culés. This nickname for the fans comes from the 1920ies in the first stadium 'Camp de la Indústria' when people could see the backsides - culers - of FC Barcelona supporters hanging over the wall of the highest row of the stadium. 

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