What boats are used in the America's Cup in Barcelona

What boats are used in the America's Cup in Barcelona

Updated January 2024

The boats used in the America's Cup, a prestigious sailing competition, have evolved over the years. The class of boats used is determined by the rules established for each edition of the competition. Historically, there have been various classes of boats in the America's Cup, and changes in technology and design have led to advancements in the types of boats used. Some notable classes include:

Used in the early to mid-20th century, these were large, heavy displacement yachts.

12-Metre Class:
Used from 1958 to 1987, the 12-metre class boats became iconic in America's Cup history.

IACC (International America's Cup Class):
Introduced in the late 20th century, IACC boats were used from the 1992 to 2007 America's Cup competitions. These boats were designed to a specific rule, aiming to create a level playing field for competitors.

AC72 and AC50 Classes:
In more recent editions, particularly the 34th and 35th America's Cups, the competition transitioned to high-performance catamarans, starting with the AC72 class in 2013 and the AC50 class in 2017.

AC75 Class:
The 36th America's Cup, held in 2021, featured the AC75 class which is a foiling monohull design. These boats are known for their innovative foiling technology, allowing the hulls to lift out of the water, reducing drag and increasing speed. For the 37th America's Cup in 2024 in Barcelona, AC75 class yachts will also be used. The 2024 America's Cup is a race between the defending Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and the challenging yacht club and takes place from 12 October 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. The 38th America's Cup matches will also be sailed in AC75 class yachts.

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