Festa de la Mar Barcelona

Festa del Mar Barcelona 2013 

Barcelona Trainera Regatta and festival June 2013

Festa del Mar Barcelona 2013 and Trainera Boat Race Regatta.  "Les Traineres" are typical Cantabrian rowing boats and Barcelona will host a Trainera league regatta on the weekend of Saturday 15th June and Sunday 16th June 2013. The festival and regatte takes place on the Passeig Mare Nostrum and Plaça Rosa dels Vents near the Barcelona Hotel W (la Vela)  > RACE MAP 

A The "trainera" is a traditional rowing boat from the Cantabrian sea coast which is at north west part of Spain and the southern part of the Bay of Biscay. A trainera boat is designed to tackle the huge waves waves of the Atlantic ocean and Cantabrian sea. Traineras were originally used forbringing the catch of anchovies and sardines from sea to market and would compete to sell their catch first. In modern times this historic tradition has become a major competition sport of racing trainera rowing boats in the Lliga San Miguel de Traineres. Read more about Trainera rowing boats on Wikipedia. There will be two days of Trainera boat racing in Barcelona. On Saturday 15th June, twelve of the best Catalan rowing teams compete in the "Llaüts del Mediterrani" boat race at 16:40. Llaüts are typical Balearic Island boats. The main rowing race is on Sunday 16th June 2013 at 12:00 when Barcelona welcomes for the first time a Trainera race with 12 top teams from the trainera league Lliga San Miguel de Traineres. This race will also be broadcast live on Catalan TV station TV3
The Festa del Mar and Trainera regatta are on the sea front area in front of the Hotel W in Barcelona at the southern most end of Barcelona beaches. You can also enjoy the race from a Barcelona harbour boats Las Golondrinas, which leave from Port Vell at the Columbus Monument at the port end of Las Ramblas. 

The Festa del Mar Barcelona festival also has a full programme of fun and free activities for spectators to enjoy all weekend including a swimming race, free concerts, typical Basque cuisine and other Basque cultural activities. See the full PDF 2013 Barcelona Festa del Mar festival programme where you can also find maps and teams and all the festival information. 
Here is an example from Youtube of a Trainera race - look at the speed they can row! Amazing! More information on the website Festa del Mar Barcelona. See the full Barcelona Festa del Mar programme 

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