The Battle of the Ebro - Spanish Civil War

The Battle of the Ebro 

The Battle of the Ebro was the longest and bloodiest battle of the Spanish Civil War and the greatest, in terms of manpower, logistics and material ever fought on Spanish soil. It was an offensive initiated by the Republican forces an fording the river, and ended, after 116 days of intense combat, with the retreat of the Republican army from the Ebro. It took place between July and November 1938, with fighting mainly concentrated in two areas on the lower course of the Ebro River, the Terra Alta comarca of Catalonia, and the Auts area close to Fayón (Faió) in the lower Matarranya, Eastern Lower Aragon.

The two sides between them suffered 120,000 casualties: 30,000 deaths, 75,000 injured and 15,000 prisoners. The battle was disastrous for the Second Spanish Republic, with tens of thousands left dead or wounded and little effect on the advance of the Nationalists.

(Spanish: Batalla del Ebro, Catalan: Batalla de l'Ebre)

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