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Gaudi house museum in Park Guell
Antoni Gaudi house museum Barcelona. Casa Museu Gaudi inside Park Guell. This was the home of famous Spanish/Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi for many years and is now the Gaudi house museum. Gaudi did not design this house, but he designed the wonderful Park Guell where the house is.

Gaudi's home in Park Guell was originally constructed as a showcase house in Park Guell to show future buyers what it could be like to live in the residential housing estate Park Guell.

Park Guell was planned as a garden city residential development project with room for sixty houses. When it was built Park Guell was on the outer limits of the city.

The Park Guell concept of seeling plots of land in the Park Guell for people to build their own houses was a failure and the only people who eventually lived in the park were the owner Count Guell, Gaudi and Guells lawyer in just three houses.

The park area later became a public park called Park Guell.

Gaudi came to live inside Park Guell because the owner of the project and the park, Eusebi Güell, suggested that Gaudi move into the exhibition house, after it became clear that no-one was interested in buying plots of land for houses in Park Guell.

So Gaudi bought the exhibition house and moved in with his father and his niece. Gaudi's father died shorty after the Gaudi family took residence, but Gaudi's niece lived there with Gaudi for another six years.

After hi niece passed away Gaudi lived alone. In all Gaudi lived in the house in Park Guell from 1906 until 1925. After 1925 he moved into his studio at the Sagrada Famila where he spent the final years of his life.

This move into the Sagrada Familia allowed him to be closer to his work on his lifelong creation of the Sagrada Familia temple.

The Gaudi house museum in Park Guell today contains a collection of furniture designed by Gaudi including his original work desk. His bedroom remains largely as it was when he lived there.

Gaudi's death mask is also on display.Today the house is owned and managed by by the construction board of La Sagrada Família Foundation.

The Gaudi museum ticket price is €5.50 (2019 prices)

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