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La Castanyada Barcelona 

La Castanyada is on All Saints Day

Event date: 1st November 2023
Event location: Various locations in Barcelona
Hashtag: #Castanyada 

Halloween tradition in Barcelona. A November 1st tradition in Barcelona - on the All Saints Day public holiday - is La Castanyada which means chestnut time. This is tradition of eating castanyes (roasted chestnuts,) moniatos (sweet potatoes,) panellets (cakes) and drinking muscatel sweet wine.

The chestnuts and sweet potatoes come from the castanyers i castanyeres who roast them on charcoal grills and sell them from street corner stalls from October to end February.

A bag of 12 chestnuts is around €2.50 and a sweet potato goes for around €4.

The tradition of the roasted chestnuts is to eat something warm as the weather turns cold. However, often when the first chestnut stalls appear on the streets of Barcelona in October, many people on the street are sometimes still in T-shirts and shorts due to global warming.

The Castanyada tradition started around fifty years ago and stalls are set up from autumn to february on the streets of Barcelona.

For more, read posts using hashtag #Castanyada on social media

What are Panellets?

Panellets in the Catalan language means "little bread." Panellets are small, round and sweet cakes made in all different varieties.

The most typical one is made with ground almonds in a dough and layered with pine nuts.

You can find many other delicious panellets with almonds, coconut, lemon, chocolate and many other flavours.

Panellets are a traditional dessert eaten on Castanyada in Catalonia and also in Andorra, Ibiza and Valencia

You buy the panellets at your local Patisseria or baker. On La Rambla we can recommend Escriba. Find other other top Barcelona patisserias.
Many families celebrate Tot Sants All Saints day which is a public holiday in all of Spain. Tots Sants is the 1st November, the day after halloween.
Tot Sants is celebrated with a family meal and a visit to church to honour Catholic Saints and/or a visit to Barcelona's cemeteries to honour departed family members with flowers and wreaths. 

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