How to visit Andorra from Barcelona on a day trip

How to Visit Andorra from Barcelona on a day trip

Andorra is a small country called a micro-state which is in the Pyrenees mountains on the border between France and Spain. In the winter Andorra is a snowy winter sports paradise in the high regions with many famous ski resorts and snow regions. It is possible to visit Andorra on a day trip from Barcelona. You can get there by car or bus - there are no flights into Andorra and no direct trains. This is because of its location at high altitude in the Pyrenees mountains.

If you have 2 days then you could take a bus to Andorra - stay the night and take the bus back the next day. However, in our opinion, as tourist experts based in Barcelona, this is not really worth the trip unless you are continued to France from Andorra. If you take the bus then you will only see part of Andorra, probably the capital city of Andorra La Vella, and might miss the higher altitude mountain peaks on the country where the ski stations are.

The way to do this is either to 1) rent a car and drive yourself 2) take a day tour. 

The driving time from Barcelona is around 3 - 4 hours with breaks so it's more of a road trip than a day tour. The driving time From Barcelona it is possible to visit Andorra on a day tour - although it's more of a road trip. 

If you love mountains and visiting countries then you can book a three countries in one day tour and experience France, Spain and Andorra in 12 hours. This tour includes spectacular mountain views, crossing on mountain passes (weather permitting) and crossing three country borders in one day. 


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